This is a blog about my garden (oo, how original).  ‘Tarwanya’ means ‘my garden’ in Quenya. It’s not going to be just a bunch of pictures exhorting people to admire my flowers; I’m probably going to digress a lot and tangentially ramble on about the stuff in my garden and why it’s there and what I do with it. But hopefully it will be informative or at least entertaining.

The garden is located in the city of Mississauga, a suburb just to the west of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. That’s Canadian climate zone 6, or  USDA zone 5; the natural soil is mostly clay mixed with shale. Seasonally, the local weather generally provides a wet spring, a hot, dry, but humid summer, a fairly wet autumn, and a cold snowy winter.

I prefer to garden with native species, so most of my ornamentals are natives. However, I think I can be excused for growing vegetables, herbs, and some soft fruit. Non-native ornamentals in the ground include roses, tulips, and a couple of lilacs.

It is not a formal garden. Things are laid out in beds and plots for efficiency and convenience; there are a few pebble paths because there’s not much else I can do with all the stones I pull out of the ground. While I can admire the thought and layout of a formal garden, it doesn’t really appeal to me. I much prefer a wilder, more natural look, but make no mistake, that’s not just because I’m lazy. Containing chaos does take work.

My garden is exactly that: mine. There’s really no overall theme or concept to it otherwise, so if you’ve been listening to those snooty garden designers who say, “A garden must have this and this, or it’s not a good garden,” and that sort of rubbish (or you ARE one of them), go somewhere else.

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