Actually, I wouldn’t shake my family tree. I’d rather chop it down and burn it.

Anyway, after a relatively, and consistently, mild fall, winter slaps us in the face. It’s one thing to watch the weather forecast like a hawk (and I do), and it’s another thing to actually be prepared for five inches of snow (which I wasn’t).

Actually, as a gardener, I like snow. As a homeowner I hate the stuff, but a layer of snow on the ground is excellent insulation for dormant plants, and snowmelt is a tremendously valuable source of groundwater for plants in early spring – especially if spring happens to be dry. But up until a few days ago I could fool myself into thinking it was still autumn. I just hope I haven’t left some of my containerised plants out too long – the temperature fell as precipitously as the white stuff (pun intended).

Well, I guess it’s time to settle in for the winter now and content myself with houseplants. They’re forecasting a more “normal” winter this time (as opposed to the relatively mild winters we’ve had here over the past ten years).