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Well. Something like that. This has been a crazy year for weather around here, fluctuating from one extreme to the next. Spring started cold, went hot, then went to normal spring temperatures. It’s getting hot again, but at least that’s normal as we approach July. What hasn’t been normal is the dry weather; I’m already out of rainwater and using the tap. They did forecast one of the hottest, driest summers ever and it seems that it’s begun.

And windy. I don’t know if it’s just me, but these past three years have felt especially windy. It was aggravating because we had some lovely masses of raincloud overhead a couple days ago, but they just got blown right by with barely a drop.

Anyway. The late spring did provide some surprises: for example, all the roses are in bloom at once. This has never happened before. It may also have messed around with some pest life cycles, because the rose sawflies (Arge sp.) aren’t are bad as last year. And the day-neutral strawberries didn’t start bearing until the same time as the June-bearing ones.

I’ve been doing a lot of container planting this year. A friend was given of a lot of large containers that she didn’t need, so she passed them along to me. Good thing too, because I’ve rather overextended myself with the vegetables this year, so now I’ve got pots of tomatoes and cabbages and salad greens and herbs all lurking to snag the unwary. Also dahlias, gladioli, freesias, calla lilies, ismene (Ismene x deflexa) and tuberous begonias – essentially, all the summer bulbs that I swore I’d never grow because they were too much trouble to dig up and overwinter properly. Of course, in pots I can just let them go dormant and stick them in the basement for winter, and they overwinter that way just fine.

Also in pots is the arugula (Eruca sativa) which has now begun to flower. This isn’t as bad as if, say, lettuce started to flower, because arugula is bitter to begin with, so the effect of bolting isn’t nearly as noticeable. But it’s a sign that summer is imminent.

The wildlife continues as well. On the one hand, I’m really pleased that the chicadees (Poecile atricapellus) have used the nest box, and I’m also happy that the Eastern Black Swallowtail (Papilio polyxenes)caterpillars have shown up on the dill (Anethum graveolens). I love raising butterflies and there’s always more dill than I can use. On the other hand, the squirrels have been even more annoying than usual, and the rabbits could do with a fox.

Bah. Too much to talk about. I think I’ll stop typing now.