My next-door neighbour’s gardening (dis)service pruned her wisterias with a strimmer, a.k.a. a weed whacker. The poor things looked like a dog’s dinner. Of course, even worse is that all the frayed broken ends are made more susceptible to disease and rot. This was the first time I saw him at it and I just stood there a moment, shocked, but I think now I know why they didn’t bloom so well last year.

Granted, pruning a wisteria properly is a time-consuming process and the man has other things to get on with, but you have to be pretty apathetic and/or ignorant to use a frigging strimmer on a wisteria.

The same guy prunes her weigela with a hedge trimmer. Weigelas aren’t topiary hedges, so it ends up looking awful. To be fair, it still flowers reasonably well, but ohmygawd. She’s had this (dis)service for a long time now and always complains about their…dis-service, but apparently the price is right. Well, this is definitely a case of getting what you pay for. She offered me the job once, but I don’t do lawns. But I did go in and spend an afternoon up a ladder cleaning up the wisterias.

A side benefit is that I got a few cuttings. It’s the wrong time of year to take hardwood cuttings from wisteria, but you never know, one might make it and one is all I want (by “a few” I mean over a dozen). I’d like to try turning one into a bonsai.