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Well, I suppose it really began back when Daylight Savings Time ended.

The little dwarf pomegranate (Punica granatam var. nana) I got in April is over a foot tall now. It was quite happy outside on a sunny patio all summer; I didn’t prune or shape it at all and it formed a nice compact little bush. When I brought it inside in October it shed a few leaves – no surprise there, and the top growth continued rather spindly, also no surprise. Then it started flowering. That was a surprise. It’s currently sitting in a south-west facing bay window, so I entertain a few hopes of little pomegranates in a few months.

Out in the garden, I’ve mounded the roses, but not yet burlapped them. This November has been fairly but inconsistently mild, but it looks as if the cold is here to stay now. All I’ve got left to do outside is wrap up a few things, bring some potted plants under cover (garage or basement) and empty the rainbarrels. Oh, and the patio fountain needs to be emptied and brought in too.

The worm bin I started in February has exceeded all expectations. The compost it produces is very rich and dense, almost fudgy. That makes it difficult to use as a potting medium, so I might look into trying different bedding materials to see if that makes a difference; currently I use shredded paper. I might try shredded dead leaves (free, like old paper) or coir (coconut fibre; requires a trip to the garden centre and not free). Some people aren’t happy about a bin of worms in the house all winter, but I think they’re worth their weight in gold. Especially if it means I don’t need to trek through a foot of ice and snow to get to the compost bin in winter.