The elderberry harvest has begun…or at least, harvest of the two elderbushes (Sambucus canadensis) in my garden has begun. One of them consistenly flowers and fruits earlier than the other…probably because it gets a little more sun…so while that one is pretty much picked over, there’s always a week or so before berries on the other one ripen.

This year I’m torn between making jam or wine. I’m not good at making jam, but I’ll never get better without practice (or perhaps I’ll never get better no matter what). I don’t seem to be good at making wine either – an attempt earlier this year to make wine of my black raspberry glut resulted in raspberry wine vinegar. (Elderflower wine, on the other hand, is easy and I always get good results with that.) But this is the first year I’ll actually have enough elderberries to try making wine.

Decisions decisions.