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Well, summer started a few weeks ago. But it’s been a busy few days here: last Thursday I had a Master Gardener meeting, then on Sunday there was a garden tour at which I gave advice, then today I volunteered at Erindale Park. I heard something sad there today: one of the other volunteers had gone to help at the Food Bank, and they had to send the volunteers home because there wasn’t any food to organise and distribute.

I guess the summer lull is already beginning. Right now most of the gardening involves watering the containers and vegetables, weeding, and continuing to harvest the wild black raspberries (Rubus occidentalis). I suppose in a week or so it will be time to harvest the garlic.

The new strawberries seem to be doing well. Because they are new, I didn’t let the June-bearing types crop, but at least now that it’s July I can let the day-neutral ‘Albion’ bear fruit. And it was delicious, seriously. I also harvested my first cucumber of the year (ever, actually) yesterday. Funny, on Thursday I was telling someone that all my cucumber plants still had only male flowers, then the next day I found a fully-grown cucumber hiding underneath the leaves. And that was delicious too.

Most other things are those small tasks that you never seem to get around to, but you miss if you don’t, such as making comfrey liquid and deadheading the roses. I should start potting things up for the autumn plant sale too. And last but not least, I updated the “black” flowers page to include my new dahlia.