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Finally, some rain. And by some, I mean three weeks’ worth in two days. This has got to be the driest, hottest spring I can remember; last year’s spring was pretty dry too, but nowhere near as hot. For two weeks we’ve been teased with thunderstorm weather, but no actual rain until a couple days ago – the clouds just passed straight on.

Anyway, now with some heavy rain to settle the ground under the new trellis, I could finally plant the three hops (Humulus lupulus) vines. I grew them from seed last year, so they haven’t flowered yet and won’t until next year or even the year after…so I don’t know yet if I’ve wasted my time on them. Hops plants are either male or female and only the female flowers are useful (to humans, that is). There’s no way to sex them until they bloom (except possibly by DNA analysis?), so I hope out of three seed-grown plants, at least one is female.

Hm, what else…oh yes, the pineapple sage (Salvia elegans) just began blooming and holy crap, what a colour. If it keeps flowering through summer, this place will be a hummingbird paradise…okay, it’s just one plant, but still. The new rose (Honey Perfume) is planted too, and all the rosebushes are set for their first flowering of the season. All except the one that accursed rabbit destroyed. I swear, there’s never a coyote around when you want one.

Talking about pests, the elder shoot borer moth (Achatodes zeae) is early this year, or so it seems. I found and destroyed three today, all on the same plant.

To do: plant the cucumbers and potatoes, clear out the periwinkles (Vinca minor) invading from the neighbour’s yard, disbud the new strawberry plants, wire and plant the grapevine.