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What the hell? Rose sawflies (Arge sp.) in mid-May?! I knew I saw the little buggers flitting around last week, and today I must have picked almost a dozen of the larvae from the roses. Sigh. At least the Venus’ flytrap (Dionaea muscipula) ate well today.

Also today, I found a caterpillar feeding on a giant blue hyssop (Agastache foeniculum) plant. In all the years I’ve been growing this species, I’ve never found something feeding on one. In fact, the only reason I noticed this one is because it happened to be on one of the small plants I potted up last week to donate to a plant sale. In other words, it wasn’t feeding on one of the many that are growing all over the place; instead it makes holes in one that I actually want to look presentable. Sigh.

I’ve no clue what species the caterpillar is, so I think I’ll try raising it in captivity and hopefully it won’t turn out to be something horrible. I can’t find much concrete information on the Internet; most sites list A. foeniculum as a great attractant for pollinators but nothing for larval hosts. The closest I’ve found is a suggestion that it might be a summer azure (Celastrina neglecta), but the pictures don’t match this caterpillar (or any of the other azures/blues I checked). Oh well – maybe another butterfly diary this year?