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Argh. Sort of argh.

I feel so swamped in the garden right now. I’ve spent most of this week sawing and drilling to make all the bits for the trellis/pergola I need to put up to support the hops (Humulus lupulus) and other vines, and the post holes still need to be dug and prepared, the vegetable plots need to be dug over, and today the two dozen strawberry plants and the grape vine I ordered came in the mail. Bare root.

The strawberry plot suddenly became the first priority…then that got held back because I hit an almighty stone that needed to be taken out, so by the time it got dark I’d only planted two thirds. The grape probably won’t get planted until well into next week, so into a pot it went instead, for now.

And ironically, regarding the title of this post, the last two weeks have been pretty dry for April.

Still, it’s lovely outside now, and everything is leafing out. The bloodroots (Sanguinaria canadensis) are in full bloom and most of the roses survived.