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It feels so good to be back outside in the garden. The past two days have been relatively warm (it’s forecasted to cool down again tomorrow) so I was frantically getting as much done as I could. Yesterday I root-pruned and repotted the bonsai and potted some blue lobelia (Lobelia syphilitica) plants, took a lot of overwintering potted plants out of the garage, and set up the rain barrels. I also sowed this year’s tomato seeds indoors. This year I’m growing two varieties: San Marzano and Black Krim. In a couple weeks I’ll start the rest of the indoor seeds.

Today I thinned out the honeysuckle (Lonicera tatarica) (frankly it still looks as though I hadn’t touched it) and did a lot of general cleaning up. Both days there was a bit of weeding – it’s so much easier to pull them out when the ground is soft and wet. I got the tub pond set out and filled it with rainwater; tomorrow I’ll add some bladderwort (Utricularia gibba) and hopefully that will have established itself well enough by the time it’s warm enough for mosquitoes to start laying eggs. The water lilies…hm, maybe in a couple weeks.

Tomorrow if it doesn’t rain too much I think I’ll sow some radish seeds. It’s still a bit too cold for peas I think, so maybe in a week I’ll sow the peas and some lettuce seeds. Then again, maybe I’ll do that tomorrow too. This year I think I’ll try growing a few Savoy cabbages in containers and see if they do any better than in the ground. The beet seeds can probably go in tomorrow as well. I dunno…maybe I’m getting a little too impatient.