I checked today and the first little tips of the tulips have just started to poke out of the ground. That’s always heartening. Of course, the tulips are in one of the sunniest and warmest parts of the garden, so they always sprout a little early, then realise it isn’t as warm as they’d like and stop growing until the air warms up a bit more. But it’s still nice to see something growing already.

Actually, a mystery lily left over from last year’s plant sale, which I’ve been keeping in the garage, started to sprout over a week ago. That’s both the benefit and the problem of overwintering things in the garage…it’s always safe and consistently so, but I find that most things also consistently sprout nearly a month earlier than the same things planted in the ground. And sometimes when that happens, there’s nowhere to put them outside…at least, that isn’t under a layer of frozen snow. Fortunately by now most of the snow has melted. They’ve forecasted another late spring, but I’d say things right now are pretty much average for mid-March around here. Hell, I remember a year when it snowed in May.

I’d like to take stock of everything I’ve got overwintering in the garage and move outwhat needs to be moved out, but I probably won’t have time until the weekend. Canada Blooms (a garden show held in Toronto) is on right now, and I have a shift there tomorrow night.

Soon I’ll have to start sorting out pots and planting trays and things to start seeds and summer bulbs in pots. Finally, some real gardening.