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It’s been a somewhat tiring weekend. We had the fall plant sale on Saturday and now I’m scrambling around trying to find homes for the leftovers. And now it’s just about time to start bringing the tender things indoors for the winter, or preparing them for it.

I’ve got four jasmine plants (Jasminum sambac) in pots, don’t ask why. They’d gotten pretty overgrown during summer, so I spent probably twenty minutes giving them a damn good pruning. They always seem to get whitefly in late winter no matter what I do, so this time I’m going to drench them in insecticidal soap along with the soil to see if it helps.

I brought home for myself (from the sale) two, possibly three, more houseplants…I never learn. One of them is a night-blooming jasmine (Cestrum nocturnum), which as the genus name suggests, isn’t a jasmine at all. Where I lived in the tropics we call it Ladies of the Night. One of my Master Gardener colleagues said it sounds like a bunch of hookers. The other one is a cardamom, although I have to check and find out if it’s green cardamom (Elettaria cardamomum) or black cardamom (Amomum sp.). I hope it’s the former. There’s a second cardamom plant that I’m willing to adopt, but hope to find a permanent home for.

And of course, besides reacclimitising the tender plants to indoor life there’s a good deal of other garden pruning and cleanup to get done. The week of rain isn’t helping. I’m rather dreading the first frost, because the two castor beans (Ricinus communis) have gotten huge, and they’ll just melt as soon as a frost hits. The dahlias will be tame in comparison.

Oh yes, and bulbs…got some camassia (Camassia quamash) bulbs to plant too. And some ‘Music’ garlic. And some paperwhite Narcissus ‘Ziva’ for indoor winter forcing. Sucker for punishment, me.