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The rose page is complete now; I’ve added pictures and descriptions of all the roses I have.

…actually, not all. A couple years back a wild rose popped up under a juniper bush and I dug it up and put it in a pot. It hasn’t bloomed yet so I’m not sure what species it is, or if I’ll keep it when I figure it out.

Aside from that, the summer blooms are still in full swing, and the vegetables are doing okay. I’m so eager to try out some homemade insecticide. Last year I sowed some pyrethrum daisies (Tanacetum cinerariifolium) and now the flowers are cut and dried. I’m looking forward to spraying the cabbages because the pyrethrum won’t kill anything beneficial on those. A pity I can’t spray the roses, but the bees do visit them. Perhaps I could try it on the water lilies to control the leaf-mining midges. I never did get fish, so saturating the tub ponds with pyrethrum should be an interesting experiment.

I think I will have to replace the strawberry plants though. A fellow Master Gardener gave me them last year because I was tired of the variety I had before and wanted to try a different kind. Unfortunately, these ones seem to be the wild strawberries…the fruit are about the same size as my fingernail and I just can’t be bothered. In fact, there are wild strawberries growing all over the place in the rest of the garden, so I’m certainly not going to cultivate more. Things should be going on sale soon at the garden centres, so with any luck I’ll be able to find something to try.

I do have a couple of wild black raspberry bushes (Rubus occidentalis) though, and those are cropping like mad right now. I know it sounds crazy, but the taste of the fruit (or possibly the seeds; they’ve got lots of seeds) always reminds me of mayonnaise.

Oh, and one batch of elderflower wine is on the go. I’ll probably start another batch in a couple days.