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It’s really starting to feel as if in every other post so far this spring, I’m complaining about the wind. Well, here’s another one. One hell of a windstorm yesterday: things in pots got blown over, all the garlic and other things got flattened. Particularly annoying was that several of the young rose canes got snapped off at the base. Just as they seemed to be getting over the recent hard winter.

In the big picture though, it’s rather petty of me to be complaining of wind, because there were tornadoes here and there in Ontario. It could be worse. It can always be worse.

Other than that, the stage is now set to try a moss growing trick I’ve read about. I like having a moss lawn…I certainly like it better than having a grass lawn, but then again, I like having a cold better than having a grass lawn. My previous moss lawn took a loooong time to get going; in fact, it’s still not really established. I’ve come across this trick whereby one takes existing moss and puts it in a blender with water and buttermilk and blends (the relative proportions apparently being not very important). The resulting slurry is poured over the desired area, and presto, luxuriant moss growth, assuming the area is kept damp and/or shady. Allegedly, anyway.

So I got a blender cheap from the thrift store, a carton of buttermilk (which is already half done because I like buttermilk) and pulled up some moss from the lawn (the grass lawn) and rinsed off some of the dirt. It rained again today, so I’ll wait until tomorrow to do the deed because I didn’t want to risk everything just washing away. And then we’ll see.

A note about buttermilk: actual buttermilk is the liquid left over when butter is churned out of cream. It’s quite healthy, because most of the nutrients remain behind while most of the fat has been taken out (the butter). However, the “buttermilk” one finds in the store is more like a runny yoghurt. When fermented milk came to be called buttermilk, I don’t know.