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Today I rearranged the container garden to accommodate a…I guess you could call it a sod platform. Basically, it’s the sod/turf that got cut out from the lawn when a new flowerbed got put in, stacked up into a nice neat pile. This one is a bit of a first, because it’s going to be permanent, or at least long term. Always before, it was really just a matter of finding some corner to put the sod, let the organic material break down for a year or two, then take it apart and use the dirt somewhere else. This one is going to stay where it is so I can use it as a platform for pots and containers, and/or possibly a birdbath. Specifically, it’s to keep certain plants out of the reach of the rabbits.

Gods I hate rabbits. I feel like strangling people who call them cute little bunnies. They’re only good for the stewpot.

Anyway, I imagine the sod platform will have other uses or benefits as well: solitary bees might nest in it and I might be able to plug some trailing plants into the sides when the whole thing settles a bit. The main thing is really that it was somewhere to put the sod.

Hmm..what else. Oh yes, I also extend a general HateGram of extreme depth to the incompetent and overpriced failure that is Canada Post. Some plants I ordered from a nursery in British Columbia were shipped out last Monday (the 9th) and were guaranteed (by Canada Pest, not just the nursery) to get here by Friday. They didn’t. Canada Pest does not deliver on the weekend, so the best guess (HOPE) is that the plants will get here tomorrow. Whether or not they’ll still be alive after three extra days languishing in Hell is anyone’s guess. And don’t give me no BS that it was Friday the 13th. This is not the first time I’ve been screwed over by our wonderful national postal service. It was the nursery’s decision to use only Canada Pest; otherwise I would have paid for a real courier service. There’s much more I could say, but if I get started I’ll be ranting for days.

I find that I’m also coming to grips with water gardening. I suppose I did have a rather naïve and starry-eyed idea of having a tub garden, but it certainly does turn out to be just like most other types of gardening in most ways. Specifically, I mean it comes with the same general problems, such as the leaf-mining midge (or possibly the false leaf-mining midge), the larvae of which feed on water lily leaves. It also comes with its own set of problems, but I was expecting those.

But just to prove it’s not all doom and gloom, the ‘Arabian Night’ dahlias are gorgeous. I am so so pleased with how they’ve done, despite the ridiculously windy spring. And the first flush of roses for the year has finally started.