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Whoosh. It’s been a hectic few days here.

On Friday afternoon, some of the other Master Gardeners came over to organise all the plants that had come in so far and add price tags. Saturday morning was the sale, but since setup began at 7:00 am, I sat (slept) that part of it out. The sale itself was supposed to run from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm plus one hour for cleanup, but we ended up going for an extra hour because people were still buying.

Then yesterday I went to the Greater Toronto Water Garden Society’s plant sale and came home with a few more things for the tub ponds: Nymphaea ‘Helvola’ at an amazing price, some water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes), and some duckweed (Lemna sp.) stuck to it. I think I might be getting a little too enthusiastic with these tub ponds…

Talking about the tubs, life never ceases to amaze me. Not life as in my life, but the phenomenon of life. One week after I did a complete water change in one of the tubs, I looked in and there was a water beetle swimming around. I certainly wasn’t expecting that. I was expecting (dreading) mosquito larvae, but I thankfully haven’t seen any at all.

A week ago, I broke my gardening trowel. Don’t ask. I finally got a new one today, so I can get around to planting the last few things. And it’s been pretty dry for May, so the rain barrels are pretty much empty already (admittedly, some of that went into the tubs). Actually, there’s some light rain as I type this, but I expect it will be just a passing cloud. And this has seriously got to be the windiest spring I can remember experiencing.

Today I found a dead juvenile American robin (Turdus migratorius) in the garden. Couldn’t see any injury on it, so I guess it could have been disease. I buried it in the rose patch.