I suppose I’ve been agonising (for various reasons) over whether or not to start this blog, until someone told me to stop thinking about it and go do it.

This is essentially going to be a gardening blog. Specifically, my garden. In fact, the title of the blog means ‘my garden’ in Quenya. I’m going to try to make it more than just a “ooo, look at my pretty flowers” sort of thing and write some content that might just possibly be useful to someone who stumbles by mischance upon it. I’m probably not going to put a lot of pictures, partly to avoid what I just mentioned, and partly because I’m lazy.

As for the garden itself, see the About page.

It’s not really the most auspicious time to start a gardening blog right now. We’ve just had a fairly hard winter, and very few things are emerging at the moment. Technically spring started almost two weeks ago, but it’s only just begun to warm up. Potted plants that were overwintering in the garage are beginning to emerge or resprout and have had to be brought into the light, so I guess that counts in some minor way as gardening. I find that plants kept in the garage over winter consistently emerge anytime from two to four weeks ahead of comparable plants growing outside, depending on the conditions of the year.

In a week or two will be time to start certain vegetable seeds indoors. It really ought to be two weeks, but I’m getting impatient. But at least the tulips have started to show.